New Zealand: South Island

On to the South Island already! I had a great time on the North, however everyone says the South is best, and admittedly the choice of activities is definitely more fun here.

Abel Tasman

After a crisp 5am start to catch the ferry, our first stop was Abel Tasman.

A.T is a very quiet and peaceful beachy village, boasting the most sunlight of the whole of New Zealand (2,400 hours per year, to be precise). True to form, it was roastin’ hot and very sunny.

As it’s quite remote here and having arrived late in the afternoon, we decided to take advantage of the local pub for the evening. It was open mic night and it’s safe to say the acts did not disappoint. I say acts- only one band performed the entire evening. Two older gentlemen doing covers of classics- even featuring their own rendition of the Killing Me Softly remix. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite the same without the sitar- who thought you’d ever hear that, right?

They were actually pretty good, but I couldn’t help get the feeling I’d seen them before…

He LOVED a piccy. If you haven’t already seen Hoodwinked, I would recommend at 3/5 stars- family fun for children of all ages.

Ron Burgundy showed up!

Franz Josef

A tragic turn of events (poor weather) meant my super cool ice caves helicopter trip got cancelled 😭 they’re in for a bad spell all week meaning it can’t be rearranged to fit in with my schedule ☹️ I’ll have to experience it vicariously through the photos online, however a lot of them are from 10 years ago and I have a sneaking suspicion it doesn’t look quite the same anymore. That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway…

To numb the pain of cancellation, I spent the evening getting very drunk with my new bus pals (yay finally some friends!!!). All a great idea until you’re hiking to a glow worm cave the next morning, hungover/still drunk.

I really need to invest in some appropriate hiking attire.


Home of the famous tree growing solo out of the lake, I’d heard it was a must see part of the South Island.

We stopped off on the way at a little beach and skimmed some stones (my max was 2 skims- try harder).

Thumbs up if you like New Zealand

Shortly after, we arrived at Wanaka. It was beautiful! A very chilled little town surrounded by hills and snowy mountains.

I had planned to do the Roys Peak hike the following day, however the visibility was too poor to see anything at the top 😦 so I didn’t bother- a 6 hour hike with no reward of a view is so not me x

Wanaka is definitely one of the prettiest places I’ve been to so far and would definitely recommend visiting if you’re over this way.

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