Gold Coast

As my time in Australia is drawing to a close, I decided to pay my friends on the Gold Coast a quick farewell visit.

I had some time to spare before they were free, and as I’d already explored here on tour, I opted to pass the time the best way I know how; with cats. In a cat café though, not just sitting with strays on the street (although try stopping me tbf).

Actually stroked this cat before realising it was a toy; I just thought he was super tired and being a very good, still boy ):

The elusive epiphany I’ve been waiting for on what to do with my life

After a delightful 50 mins (yes, fifty) with the babies, I decided to have a little lie down on the beach. Unfortunately I couldn’t fit sun cream in my carry on, so I fashioned a make shift visor to keep safe from the rays. I burn easily x

An observation- scooters and bikes as far as the eye can see. Saying that, these were not to be confused with your run of the mill scooters and bikes, oh no. These looked more like something Juni Cortez and his hologram girlfriend would be racing in Spy Kids 3: Game Over.

Unmistakably the start of the franchise decline (Juni even cut his losses handing his notice into the OSS after number 2), but still a great throwback film nevertheless.

After a nice reunion dinner, the three of us went bowling. Despite channeling my inner Hal from Malcolm in the middle, no hidden talent surfaced.

Pretty confident it was just down to the lack of drink to hand…

Story of my life

The next day, Monét and I went to Movie World and Wet’n’Wild. Having previously gone to Dream World on my last visit and theme parks being one of my favourite things to do, I was very much looking forward to this day out.

When the Green Goblin hears only DC characters are at the park so he asks you to represent

The best part was definitely the Scooby Doo ride from Spooky Island- the movie was also playing whilst we were in the queue which was a lovely touch. Not the best coaster in the world but we met Scooby and Shaggy and didn’t have to chew through plastic sausages to escape, so you pick your battles x

Despite the water being sub zero, Wet’n’Wild was also a lot of fun- the classic fishbowl slide being the best of the day. Somehow got coerced in to paying $10 for a locker (the “bargain” of it being ALL DAY was emphasised several times through the pitch, even though we entered two hours before close :)). Paid it though, didn’t I.

We ended the day with an ice cream, watching the sunset from the car park.

Perfect ending to the best few days with the best people❣️

If you ever find yourself on the Gold Coast, I would highly recommend a day out here. Whilst I loved Dream World, I think Movie World just pipped it to the post with the movie sets and nostalgia vibes. The slides were definitely better at Wet’n’Wild than at Dream World’s waterpark, too. That being said though and me being me, I would do both as you’re guaranteed a crackin day out at either #paidpartnership #ad x

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