Having made the executive decision to leave Australia in October to go to New Zealand, I am trying to tick off any remaining places on my list at the weekends. These trips are the only instance in which my life differs from Bridget Jones’, as my mini breaks are not courtesy of having 2 eligible bachelors that want to whisk me away.

I have 3 x

This weekend, I flew to Melbourne to celebrate my flatmate’s birthday. I’d heard good things about Melbourne, so I got there early Saturday morning to explore before meeting her in the afternoon.

Walking around the city, you can tell it’s very different to Sydney. There is a lot more culture there; more varied architecture, cool graffiti and great places to eat- not to mention having a crackin tram network. It actually felt very European there- a little as if I was back in Amsterdam.

Not quite x

Of course she went to the Art Gallery, of course she did. Didn’t have time for the Science museum, though ☹️

I wanted to make a good impression as I was meeting her family for the first time, so I gave myself plenty of time to get to her house.

Naturally, there are 2 streets with the exact same name in the same city, because that’s a very clever idea and totally eliminates any chance of anybody getting the address wrong. Therefore, I turned up late and v flustered. Thankfully I was not the last to arrive and I was able to slip in under the radar.

Every postman in Melbourne after turning up at the wrong house twiceDespite the frankly lazy duplication of streets, I think I actually prefer Melbourne to Sydney- it’s a lot more relaxed and less pretentious. Would definitely recommend to a friend.

All in all, a lovely weekend exploring and celebrating 30 years of Lucy 💗

2 thoughts on “Melbourne

  1. Oh my god! Melbourne looks lovely, am surprised you didn’t want to say stay longer but your definitely going to New Zealand in October, that is amazing! Your blogs make me laugh hun! But glad to read your blogs as they always make me feel like I am there! Will message you Hun xxx


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