Port Lincoln

All Sharks should be approached with caution (particularly Loan). Bearing this in mind, Lindsay and I decided to do a cage dive with the absolute boi’s of the Ocean, Great Whites. It’s been something on my list for ages and I’m so happy we were able to tick it off with a spontaneous trip. Fun fact- Port Lincoln is one of only 5 places in the world you can do the cage dive.

We both promised not to tell a soul as we didn’t want to jinx it- after the Humpback whales (or lack there of), our positive outlook on life couldn’t take another disappointing hit.

Port Lincoln doesn’t have too much going on but it’s quite pretty. It’s only really known for the sharks and is therefore quite touristy. Zero severed hands found on the beach though which I guess sets it apart from Amity Island.

You’re gonna need a bigger boat.

It took us 3 hours to sail to Neptune Island- all the sharks wait here as this is where the new baby seals learn to swim 😦 They were firmly on the rocks today though which was a relief.

Lindsay and I were in group one. The sharks were already there when the boat arrived, so we were straight in.

The cage was actually very different to what I thought it would be- it was huge and very wide (don’t). There were 8 of us in there at a time and the team on the boat would throw the chum in next to us to attract the sharks.

They came so close!Me when the authenticity of my hand drawn ‘free quarter’ stamp was questioned at Nando’s

It was super cool to see the sharks breaching when they were chasing the baitAn accurate representation of my eyes when I’m asked to do anything ever.

It was such a good experience and was amazing to be so close to one of the most infamous predator’s in the world. I honestly didn’t feel scared once, it was just so cool to watch them swimming about. 10/10, would recommend Calypso tours to a friend.

The sunsets on the way back were so beautiful, too. We had the best time!

After being sat on the runway for 45 mins, we could have done with Buzz and Bullseye popping out one of these cases and giving us a lift home to be fair Also, quick shoutout to Rita for befriending us on the plane and giving us a lift to our hotel from the airport. Top girl x

4 thoughts on “Port Lincoln

  1. I love reading this over! You are a great blogger and make me appreciate cool people that is up for making weekend plans during the week…Also loved the reference to Jaws! and cracked up at the Face surprise questioning at Nandos! Can you stop holding your jokes in! This shit is funny!


  2. Hey girl! Catching up on your blog! I can see I have two more read but you go girl swimming with the sharks!

    You made me laugh when you compared yourself to a shark jumping when being asked to do something! But girl you do take some amazing pictures!

    Am gonna carry on reading your other blog hun xxx


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