Sydney (continued)

Officially another year older and hopefully *a little* wiser. This time last year I was flying over to surprise my best friend for her birthday. I never would have thought we’d be spending our next birthday together and that I’d be living here!

Thank you to all my friends and family back home who sent me cards and presents, it was the most lovely surprise and I’m so grateful for you all!

I saw my birthday in at copious wineries in Hunter Valley. Against all odds I survived the weekend- over the years I’ve found wine to be a very cruel mistress.

Managed to hack it though and I had 2 days of lovely wine, food and even better company. I look like I’m scheming some kind of horrendous crime in this but in all fairness, look at the size of my starter

Just FYI- sparkling red and white wine (not to be confused with prosecco) are the nicest drinks ever. Purely for the fact they taste exactly like Shloer and I’m not being funny but what a luxury bev that is. You knew you were in for a good night at the Broome household when there were a few bottles of that chillin in the fridge.

Now I’m nearing the top of the hill at the ripe old age of 24, the 9-5 work routine is becoming a drag. Not to imply that it ever wasn’t a drag, I just feel it’s more noticeable now. But alas, until I win the lottery or find a sugar daddy, I will continue to tolerate. *Selling photos of my feet online still remains an option, however I don’t think there are enough angles of ones foot that could generate the level of income I would need. Plus, according to the adverts on my previous blog, my feet are showing signs of an imminent heart attack, so I doubt they’d be a best seller ): size 3 though which sell themselves, really*.

I’m still enjoying my role and love my colleagues, but I’m very much ready to re-start the travelling once I have sufficient funds.

To break up the week, my work pals and I have been doing super fun things to keep each other going. We went to a football game the other week (Sydney Swans vs Essendon Bombers).

We got far too drunk and to counteract the severe lack of enthusiasm among the crowd, we started chanting for England. I would say it didn’t go down well, however that would have involved evoking some form of emotion from our fellow spectators, which did not occur. That being said I do recall a few cracking and joining in, which was appreciated. I’m told the Swans won, but I couldn’t tell you for sure.

Lindsay and I have also been whale watching. It was a lovely day, and we were so excited to see the whales because we both prefer animals to people. 3 hours at sea searching for humpbacks and we were lucky enough to see a baby for a whole 2 seconds (:

Not being ungrateful as it was pretty cool but I wanted to see a pod, or at the very least a tail splash, but clearly it wasn’t meant to be.

No doubt in my mind we’d have found about 10 pods and probably discovered a new species if Ace was skipper.

Granted, he was slightly off the mark a few times but he found snowflake in the end. Laces out x

Lovely day for a sail, though.

Ps- seriously, DM me for feet pics. Price and pose options available upon request x

Further to the fun activities, last week I went to the Vivid lights festival. The graphics were really good this year and there were lots of cute little food stalls and bars to watch the lights from. Would recommend to a friend. Wish someone would take cool candids of me and my cat like this

They even had a Samsung vivid lights garden. In true Android fashion, the ideas were good but it was still disappointing to look at. Try harder.

Before anyone starts, I’m not arguing the fact that they are probably much better than iPhones- I’m sure they are. But I’m sorry, no one wants (or deserves) to have an interface like this.

We also went to Luna Park which was a very fun day out.

Don’t know how I was convinced to go on the Wild Mouse ride twice, after nearly dying last year when I was visiting Sophie.

Sophie and I almost a year to the day, fearing for our livesThis is quite possibly the ugliest photo I’ve ever seen of myself, but the genuine terror on Sophie’s face makes it worth the humiliation.

Doesn’t look scary but just for context, you’re very high up, with the worlds loosest seatbelt, in a mouse that is extremely wild and about 4x too small. The cart has to be physically pushed to get you going- it isn’t electric. Very sharp corners where you honestly think the whole thing is going to derail and you’re going to plummet to your death. If the vein in Sophie’s neck doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will to be honest.

Ps am I or am I not the spitting image of Voldemort when he’s stuck on the back of Professor Quirrell’s head?When you think you’re going to die on the Wild Mouse

Thankfully there was no such shot this time (or if there was I’m blissfully unaware). Still jokes though.

4 thoughts on “Sydney (continued)

  1. A few days late, but better late then never is what I say! Happy Birthday Paige. Looking gorgeous as ever and it looks like your having an amazing time. Keep up with the posts they brighten my ever dull Nuneaton days. Kate xx


  2. Oh hun! Sooooooo sorry this is late, but happy belated birthday 🎉🎂🎊😘🍰💃🏽🎁

    You defo had fun and how lovely that you spent time with your friend as well, looking absolutely beautiful in all of your pics, but sorry I shall decline on the feet pictures if you don’t mind!

    And try not shout out England at any football matches, you are clearly outnumbered! Lol!

    Aww, sooo happy you still having a great tine, my gosh how many months has it been? The office misses you as I do 😢, but no doubt this experience has changed you and you go girl!!!

    Sending you lots of love hugs, until we meet, TC and keep up the blog…

    PS… no fit men yet? Message me!!!


    1. Aw thank you angel!! Yes it was lovely thanks, back to reality of the work life now though 🙄 you sure? 200 quid and you could get a real nice one, pedicure and all…
      Coming up to 5 months now, it really has flown!
      Miss you lots, will message you now x


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