Miraculously managed to get myself invited along on a little business trip to Newcastle, to visit one of our centres.

Our plane was one of those tiny ones with propellors that fit about 10 people onboard- the type that makes you wonder whether you’ll get there in one piece. To be fair though, our total air time was only 20 minutes (minus ascent and descent- honestly, truly), so it was totally fit for purpose.

The last time I was on a plane like this was to go to Amsterdam- slight differences between the trips as you can imagine. The most notable being that there was not a novelty oversized pair of clogs in sight (if you know, you know), of course…

Our centre was on the way to the popular tourist spots in Newcastle, so it was nice to stop off along the way and check it out. We work very hard, you see…

We stayed the night in a hotel on the beach (they cocked up the rooms so your girl got upgraded to one of the suites- hello) and went for a few drinks in the evening. Just a couple though because, as aforementioned, we are v professional…

Had some crackin views on the flight back to Sydney, and we witnessed the most beautiful sunset I’ve probably ever seen.

20 minutes in that sky was not long enough 😍

Ps- lots of suggestive ellipsis in this but I promise, we did actually do some work

3 thoughts on “Newcastle

  1. Hey! I almost did a double take when I saw Newcastle and thought as she come back and didn’t even tell me!!! But then I realise that some places in Australia will have the same name as here in the U.K.!!!

    But it looks beautiful, better than the original and check you out getting all upgraded! Hope it was a great work trip… 😉😉😉…


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