I have officially put my 4 days of farming behind me.

Actually a bit gutted as it was genuinely a laugh and I made some great pals but, alas, it was not meant to be. Maybe lemon farm round 2 when I have more than $150 to my name?

Eventually made it to Sydney despite every single delay you could imagine. I’m still surprised my flight didn’t get cancelled due to the thunderstorm, considering most of the others were.

Me on the phone to my dad at the airport

Amidst the job and flat hunt, I am back with my new surrogate parents for the week- Tom and Sophie (thank u ly). I’m taking full advantage of the beachfront life before I’m cast back in to a mixed dorm of 12 in the city 😦

Little white house on the edge giving me Tracy Island vibes

Finally got round to seeing the Blue Mountains with another friend from school, Evey C (Australia is literally Balsall Common away this year).

It was super pretty however, unfortunately, we got rained/drowned off before reaching The Three Sisters (the main part :)), so I will have to return a different, drier time for that.

Also, just picture me running off the bus to shelter from the rain and my bag getting caught on a woman’s umbrella. Ended up dragging her off the bus (in to torrential rain) with extreme force and nearly ripped her arm off in the process. The language barrier didn’t help but, again, I’m sorry. Funny, though This…was exactly like this… If you know you know. Top 3 by Dreamworks for sure x

Post thunderstorm sunsets are the most beautiful, FYI

Life update for you: I’m no longer unemployed and homeless. I have somehow got myself a proper HR job and a flat! Honestly don’t know how I’ve pulled off adulting on the other side of the world when I couldn’t manage it at home, but I am relieved that I’m starting to get my act together!

Well, a bit- had to source a mattress for my new room and I, of course, ordered a double for a queen size bed frame. Also purchased all bedding/sheets in the Double size 🙂

Luckily was able to rectify by utilising my best problem solving skills (stress-crying whilst pleading the woman on Facebook marketplace to swap me for the Queen instead- she kindly obliged, thanks Anju x).

Nevertheless, I am feeling super proud of myself today. Can’t wait to have an income and to not be living out of a case/ having to listen to soothing rain sounds on full volume to get a half decent nights sleep. I’m sharing the flat with two really nice Australian girls and a little sausage doggo. Not quite the same as a cat but she is actually super cute and I’m grateful for the animal company.

Will post some pics of my new room when I’m all moved in so you can see 👼

First day on the job tomorrow, too. Wish me luck!

Me tomorrow evening

First day of the new job went great, everyone is so lovely and I feel really comfortable with the role. Cant wait to get stuck in once I’m all set up 😬

Also I’M NOT LIVING OUT OF A CASE ANYMORE!!! Loveeee my room, excited to kit it out with some plants and candles (maybe even fairy lights- don’t @ me about being basic).

These mirrors are going to get rinsed… to the first of many x

Only thing missing is my precious baby angel girl ☹️😭That’s better ❤️

This view is definitely an upgrade from the McDonalds opposite my hostel (yes I succumbed to the temptation of a McFlurry in the early hours of the morning more than once. Apparently it’s the Frozen Fanta machines that are always broken over here rather than ice cream- same shit, different machine/LIE).

Now that I have somewhere respectable to live, I would like to give a special shoutout to Sophie for accompanying me on my various unsuccessful house viewings. The most notable has to be the “loft suite”, complete with mini fridge. Sounds great, right?

No word of a lie here- the staircase up to it was genuinely the sketchy ladder you pull out of the ceiling when you want to chuck something in the attic. Like just permanently down in the corridor. We were assured it was “sturdy enough to hold a drunken Irishman- he’d witnessed it”, so there was no health and safety risk there(?). Another highlight was the curtain, yes curtain, that you gracefully drew back to access the room.

Climbed to the highest bloody room up the tallest bloody ladder and what did we find?

Half expected this to be honest, but no, it was a “live, laugh, love” type quote painted on to the wall. The rest I could have lived with, but that was the real nail in the coffin. I mean, after all, what would have been more convenient than a mini fridge? (Especially when you’re in the attic).

Wish I’d taken some pics on the sly. And all of that for the absolute steal of $350 per week. It’s a no from me, Gill.

I kid you not, his name was actually Gill. You just couldn’t write it

Life update: aside from the fact that I am definitely not cut out for the 9-5 working life, the job is actually going pretty well. The girls in my office are jokes and I feel like I’m actually doing a relatively good job (purely going off the fact that I’m 2 weeks in and haven’t been fired yet).

Meanwhile, I am still loving life in Rushcutters Bay.

Feeling very settled now but I have been missing home/fam/friends/my baby princess cat recently. Probably only because all the decent TV is kicking off around about now and streaming is longgg, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that I love and miss you all ❤️

In other news- Sausage Dogs: Vicious? Discuss.

In primary school I remember someone telling me that they attack when they smell blood and that their nan’s saus did some considerable damage to her feet because they always used to bleed. Is this true? Am I safe?

I only ask because Lickson has developed a sudden interest for me since I cut my leg and we’ve been having a lot of eye contact as of late and I’m unsure if I can trust herThreat level TBC

Seriously though, anyone with good links to GoT or BLL hit me up x

Gone from ordering the wrong mattress size to successfully installing WiFi in a matter of weeksI was born in Coventry. But I was made in Rushcutter’s Bay.

Another unwelcome realisation about adulting is that I am now responsible for checking out any scary noises in the dead of night.

Earlier tonight (circa 1:00am AEST) I had to bite the bullet and investigate. Just some additional context- my room is in the middle of the flat with no available exits- I guess I am what they call “the sitting duck” in these scenarios. Combined with my severe lack of eyesight (-8 short sighted, if you know you know), it’s not the most reactive mix. Therefore, I always have my glasses on hand in bed (and sleep on my back wearing them should the fear get extra real).

First and foremost I said my goodbyes to my loved ones should the unthinkable happen, and was on my way.

Slowly slinked my way down the corridor in to the kitchen to fetch a knife (back to the wall at all times, obv), and worked my way round the flat to establish any signs of breaking and entering. Socks were worn for additional stealth.

I know what you’re thinking- Lickson, the allegedly blood thirsty Dachshund, would alert me to any intruders and surely *attempt to* attack, however she is very easily swayed and with the way she’s been looking at me and my open wound recently, I wouldn’t put it past her.

As you can probably guess, there was no sign of suspicious activity and I survived to tell the tale as I am writing this. Unless this is like one of those movies where you assume the narrator lives because they’re narrating but they’re actually dead…

Nothing says stress like using ‘alert’ in the wrong tense . Good grief

Took this little gem while I was walking home from work today. The sunsets over here really calm me and I always make sure I try and catch them where I can.

I’ve been reflecting a lot on my life back home lately. For the longest time I’d always felt like I was an add on- like I just made myself slot in to whatever was going on around me (which majority of the time meant that I wasn’t being myself). I was more concerned about what people thought of me than actually expressing how I truly felt or acting how I wanted to. I’m sure everyone feels like this in one way or another, but I could never figure out why I did that and what made me feel this way.

Coming away and being on my own has really made me value my own happiness and be even more grateful for my friends and family back home. I’m so glad I made the decision to come but it’s pretty tough at times, being on the other side of the world on your own. I can barely have a proper conversation with anyone because of the time difference, and that’s a really hard thing when you’re feeling alone and just want to hear a familiar voice. Cringing about even admitting this, but they’re right– travelling really does help you figure out who you are and what you want out of life. It really makes you realise who’s there for you and who you want to surround yourself with.

I’m so proud of myself for taking the step to get away for a while, and can finally see things a bit more clearly now. New Paige, who dis x

Leave it x

Easter weekend- a time usually spent in a beer garden and eating your body weight in Easter eggs.

Disappointed to say I won’t be indulging in the eggs this year, as the chocolate in Australia is very poor. They have to add loads of stuff in to it to raise the melting temperature so it can survive the heat, and the result is devastating. Slight exaggeration but even Cadbury’s isn’t the same 💔 I would say it’s forcing me to be healthier but of course I have seamlessly substituted it for the next best thing: sweets (:

Today I went to the museums/ galleries that I hadn’t had the chance to go to yet.

Art Gallery of NSW

Favourite piece was definitely this- suspended glass clouds are super cool

The glass clouds had a narrow win, though. As with any art gallery, you always find some pieces where the message is so profound, it’s too hard to comprehend and you just have to appreciate it for the masterpiece it is The “artist” after making the sale

Australia Museum

Dinosaurs are always a winner in any museum, but the sheer height of these models really made me realise how scary it would have been to see one in real life. Well, not for me as the Mesozoic period was pre-glasses and contact lenses, so I would have just been eaten whole by a blur. Thank god I wasn’t part of the ‘survival of the fittest’ era or I’d have been a gonner

To get in to the Easter spirit, I also went to Sydney’s Easter Show- a fun fair which actually transpired to have nothing to do with Easter at all.

I went with my friend from work and it was actually a really fun day. Fun fairs and rides are always great, especially when there’s also a super cute petting zoo there too.

Highlight had to be the cat contest where the little angels were judged on their tameness, how well presented they were and how well they reacted to playing with string (honestly, those were the parameters for success. Never thought my 23 years on this earth were so unfulfilled until the moment I watched a cat contest). Now, I love a cat more than most, but I still wouldn’t be trusting enough to stick my hands in to a cage to pick one up if they didn’t know me. How many attendants does it take to hold one cat in a way that it wouldn’t struggle? Three.The ducklings queuing up to slide down the slide was probably the sweetest and most wholesome thing I’ve ever seen

There was some pretty strange stuff there as well, though. We somehow ended up watching a wood chop contest which was surprisingly entertaining Just me or?

Basically just spent an hour watching lads hack away at a chunk of wood for a reason I’m still unsure of now

When the lad on the left cuts through his block first

Tonight my lovely flat mate was invited to a GOT screening (that the three eyed raven himself was attending) and very kindly organised for me to go along as well. A literal angel 👼

As I’m sure you’re aware, episode 3 was intense. Let alone with legit actual Bran Stark sat behind you (effortlessly captured here with complete discretion, playin with his jacket/that fox fur pelt he never seems to be without)We had the best time and this was probably the only instance where I’ve truly tolerated clapping in a cinema (of course I didn’t partake as I’m not a 4, but it was definitely more appropriate here than for the Lego movie 2).

Where I belong Finally, people can bend the knee to me for a change.

Also, the amount of cockroaches in Sydney is slowly turning me in to Samuel L. Jackson more and more each day. Absolutely rife here, mate.

Now it’s cooling down, they’ve all decided to take shelter in our homes ☹️ Caught and freed 4 the other day, FOUR.

Probably the same bastard sneaking back in time and time again, but I didn’t have the heart to kill. What can I say, I’m a lover not a fighter x

Honestly me

How amazing is this video of the sky at Bondi Beach 😍 wish I could say it was me that took it, but unfortunately it was not.

8 thoughts on “Sydney

  1. Hey Hun! Am hoping my comment posts! But sooo happy that you got a job and that too HR, just tell me it is not with Fedex! That would be too funny!

    And you got an apartment as well?! Amazing Hun and it’s looks really cosy as well, can’t wait to see more pics!

    Best of luck in your new job, can’t wait to read the next chapter of your brilliant journey, lots of love and hugs 😘🤗😘🤗😘🤗😘🤗


    1. Thank you honey! Haha definitely not, but never say never 😉
      Yes apartment all sorted, sharing with 2 really nice Australian girls and a little sausage dog 🐶
      Thank you honey, love you lots xxx


  2. For the record, adulting is easy. Just fake it until you pay the bills. Or just get drunk. Either or. Your blog has amused me no end. Glad to see you’re doing well


      1. Couple of things
        Fitting WiFi? I thought we taught you better.
        Also GoT. I may be able to help you if you still need it


  3. Hey Hun!

    Once again you have put a smile on my face, I laughed at the dog theory, but I can’t imagine them biting , he looks so cute as well! But yes he was defo not amused at your attempted to plug in WiFi!

    Also won’t lie but did have a little tear in my eye as you were quite open and honest about your feeling being away from home and friends and how it has changed you, how you felt like you slotted in, that I can understand, but you should be so proud of yourself, you have achieved sooo much! Even if that does involve watching men cut down wood… now that was indeed interesting…

    As for cockroaches, am sorry I would be screaming my head off every time I see them!

    I tried to message you, not sure why it’s hasnt gone through, but am glad your updating the blog and it’s good to know that you are doing well and looking well also, take care hun xxx


    1. Hi honey, thank you so much!! Missing you lots and lots and really appreciate your kind words and that you’re reading!

      Cockroaches are definitely not a welcome visitor that’s for sure, they’re everywhere in Sydney! 😦 xxx


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