Day 20

I arrived at my hostel at approximately 2am to be greeted by a man (Gerry), who I can only describe as Danny Devito in Matilda, wearing nothing but a hand towel. He was also lying in MY bunk bed and went on to talk in his sleep- it was far from ideal.

“Gerry, that’s my bed”

In the morning I had a walk around the town and visited the Public Gardens. They were very pretty and, just a side note, the squirrels here are absolute tanks. Tried to take a photo of one but he squared up to me and there’s no way I could’ve taken him alone.

In the afternoon I went across to Harvard University. Still regret turning their unconditional offer down, especially after I pulled it out the bag with a distinctly average ABC (and D in French AS- merde).

The campus is so beautiful and I only exaggerated my accent slightly to sound smarter 👼

Day 21

Got absolutely zero sleep last night thanks to my man, Gerry. That is no exaggeration either, I’ve never experienced snoring or sleeptalking like it- I’d have had a better nights sleep in the Chokey. Exponentially worse than the bear woman in Vegas and plus he was quite creepy, so I have fled my room and left Gerry behind. Goodbye Gerry, I will not miss you (nor your alarming sleep apnoea) one bit.

An exact representation of what happened

Today I did the Freedom Trail walk and went to the Quincey Food Market (thank you Vadim for the suggestion). The trail walk was a great way to see Boston and its different landmarks- you basically just follow the red brick road across the city. Didn’t have a tin man or a lion as company but there wasn’t a random man behind a curtain at the end of it either, which was refreshing. I would definitely recommend if you’re visiting. The food was so good, too 😍

Boston is a very lovely place. It’s full of old, red brick buildings and cute little parks and there’s great markets/places to eat around pretty much every street corner. There’s not a massive amount going on here, which makes it perfect for a peaceful few days. I don’t think you’d need longer than 3-4 days otherwise I think you’d get a bit bored, but it’s definitely worth a visit.

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