Day 14

My flight to Chicago was at 7am, so by the time I arrived at my hostel it was about 3pm local time. After I checked in I went for a look around the city- I already love it here!

It is freezing though! Also if there’s any kind of mirrored surface about, you best believe I’m taking a picture in it.

Day 15

My favourite film is called Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (if you haven’t seen it, please watch) and it’s actually one of the main reasons I came to Chicago. So of course I was going to take photos recreating scenes from the film (complete with Cameron’s top- I don’t mess about) and send quoted videos home to my family, like anybody would…

I started off with the Art Institute of Chicago (which is great because Galleries and Museums are my favourite things to do in new places). It was so beautiful that I could have spent all day there.

So buzzin I got this photo without anyone else in it. Shoutout to Cameron Frye and the lady that recognised my top and sent this photo to her son πŸ˜‚

After the Gallery I went to the Willis Tower SkyDeck. It was just before sunset so it was nice to see the city in both day and night light.

The SkyDeck is amazing. The city looks so peaceful from up here, but then again, anything looks peaceful from 1,353 feet.

I was meant to be flying to Boston on Friday, but I love it here so much that I’ve changed my flight to Sunday night, instead. Too many things I want to do to fit in 2 days!

Day 16

This morning I walked over to the Field Museum across the park. It looked so pretty in the snow! As per my usual opinion on any museum, it didn’t disappoint. The Mummy exhibit was really interesting (the Egyptian bits are always my favourite).

In the afternoon I went across to Millennium Park to the ice skating rink and the Cloud Gate Sculpture (or Silver Chicago Blob as I had to put in to Google to figure out where it was).

They had all the lights out and it felt very Christmassy πŸŽ„ Doesn’t really have the same effect with bits of snow all over it, but it was still pretty cool. I then went over to the 360 Observation Deck at the 875 North Michigan Ave Tower to see the other side of the city. It looked amazing- I would definitely recommend going at night time unless you’re visiting in the Summer and would therefore have clearer visibility in the day time.Feeling very lucky to be here.

Day 17

This morning I went to the Shedd Aquarium, for all of five minutes (and $40 😊). The fish and turtles here looked super depressed and when I realised that they keep Dolphins and Beluga Whales there for shows, I had to leave. It was a fine line between that or writing protesting remarks all over my body and ripping my coat off during the Dolphin Show, but I thought passive aggressively leaving was better.

Of course I was aware that there would be fish etc in tanks, but when I’ve been before they usually seem pretty clueless about the fact they’re there (not that that’s any better). It was so sad and I won’t be going to one again, please do not go there if you’re visiting 😦

5 minutes later on that morning I went to the Adler Planetarium, which was much better. Learning about Space is honestly my favourite thing, I find it so fascinating- I would 100% be an astronaut if I was smart enough. I went to the Planet Nine show which was really cool- if you’re thinking of going, definitely go to this show.

When someone says “the world doesn’t revolve around you”. Me: ?

After the Planetarium I walked over to Navy Pier and got one of the famous Pizza Pie’s from Giordano’s (thank you to Darren and Ches for the recommendation). Had a minor heart attack before I realised the cheese was underneath the tomato sauce as opposed to it just being a tomato pizza, but it was very nice in the end. Also had the world’s largest portion of chips so I took with me and gave them to a homeless man (who turned out to have a cat with him!!! Her name was Miss Angela and she was very cute- great timing too I was starting to have withdrawal symptoms 🐱).

If you’d like to try at home, Chicago town deep dish is very similar (and a crowd pleaser let’s be fair) and you only have to wait 3 mins in the microwave?? Unbelievable.

Day 18

Today I wanted to do an Architecture Boat Tour, but unfortunately it was so rainy and windy that all the trips were cancelled. So I did what everyone does when there’s bad weather- I went to the cinema and went shopping. I saw the new Grinch film (The choice was limited, ok). It was alright but nothing can beat the original, Jim Carrey is jokes.

Me before any social event ever

After that me and a girl from my hostel went for dinner and to a Jazz/Karaoke bar. Whilst the mic was very hard to resist, my friend didn’t want to do it and I was nowhere near drunk enough to go it alone. Plus, I don’t think any performance I could have given could compare to my friends and I smashing Evanescence’s Bring me to life- Malia 2012, always in my heart πŸ’•

Day 19

My last day in Chicago 😦 I’m actually really gutted that I have to leave but I’ve had the best time. It’s definitely my favourite city that I’ve visited- I even prefer it to New York and would love to come back here for longer, one day.

Today I did the Architecture Boat Tour which was really cool- it was great to get a different view of the city from the water. There’s such a blend of design here; beautiful old Art Deco buildings in between modern glass skyscrapers. I think that’s why I prefer it to New York- there’s more character here and everything is so much calmer. I’m honestly in love.

I fly to Boston tonight, so I’m looking forward to seeing what that has to offer. I miss you already, Chicago!

2 thoughts on “Chicago

  1. Oh Paige, how wonderful. We LOVE Chicago, definitely do the architecture boat tour and get some Garrets popcorn, maybe Giordanos for pizza pie. Loving the blog so keep the posts and pictures coming love Darren and Ches xx


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