Las Vegas

Day 9

After a 6 hour bus journey, I have arrived in Vegas!

Donkey was literally me when we were driving through about 65843235 miles of desert (other than actually asking “are we there yet” or being anything other than myself for 5 minutes- my driver was v scary).

Vegas really is just something else, I’ve never seen a place like it. For my first night I just walked down the strip for a bit and watched the Bellagio Fountain show. It was beauts!

My hostel also did a free Thanksgiving dinner which was really sweet, but their food has nothing on a Christmas roast. Candied yams and a severe lack of gravy is not the one.

Day 10

Today me and my hostel pals (yes, I am now a social butterfly) went across to the Stratosphere tower to the fun fair at the top. We got a day pass so we were able to come back later that evening and go on the rides in the dark- it was amazing! The rides were so cool and the city looked unreal.

After the Stratosphere we went over to the strip and explored all the posh hotels and casino’s. Also think we saw a bride but I sincerely hope she was going to her Quinceañera as she looked, well, fifteen (obviously).

We then proceeded to get quite drunk and ended up being escorted to a strip club in a Limo, courtesy of Jamaican John (actually his name). When in Rome, right?

An actual representation of me in the Strip Club.

Day 11

Well day 11 started out as a nightmare as I was meant to get up at 5am for my Grand Canyon tour. I didn’t get in till 3am and being a little worse for wear, I slept through my alarm ☹️Thankfully I was able to rebook for tomorrow, so with a heavy heart I will have to give the strip a miss tonight. I’ll be there in spirit, Jamaican John.

Today I went to Fremont street, which is basically where Vegas began. The whole street was indoors and had zip lines running along the top, so you could glide over everyone that insists on walking 0.3 metres per hour (majority of people in Vegas). Would totally have been up for it if the queue wasn’t 47 miles long/I wasn’t extremely hungover.

Day 12

Thanks to the 60 year old woman/bear snoring in the bunk below me, there was no need to worry about missing my alarm again as I didn’t actually get a wink of sleep 🙂

The Grand Canyon was so amazing and our tour guide was really lovely. It took us about 3 hours each way and we got to spend 3 hours there. We also got to stop off at the Hoover Dam on the way, which was really cool.

A guy from my hostel also went on the tour, so afterwards we went to the theme park inside the Circus Circus hotel and went for dinner and drinks. We walked around the Venetian and Caesar’s Palace at night, which was lovely. It was a really good night 👼

This ride was terrifying.

Day 13

My last day in Vegas ☹️ I wasn’t sure whether I would like it here, but it is one of the best places I’ve ever visited. The atmosphere there is unlike anywhere else and I would love to visit again one day.

Today I went to the Titanic exhibition in the Luxor hotel. It was really interesting to see everything they recovered from the site and they even had a piece of the ship that they managed to bring back up to the surface.

In the evening I went to X Burlesque, the best Burlesque show in Vegas (if you can’t do it in Vegas, where can you, right). Luckily someone from my hostel came with me so I didn’t look like a predator on my own (there was enough in there already). It was such a good show and the girls were unreal!

Three words… Viva Las Vegas. I had the best time here, highlights were definitely The Grand Canyon, the Stratosphere and Circus Circus. The strip club/limo trip was also jokes though.

On to Chicago!

2 thoughts on “Las Vegas

  1. Hey Hun!!!

    Loving the blog, pictures and videos, you have done so much in so many days! Amazing!

    Love the way you have written it all up as some of it has made me laugh, so happy for you and glad your having a great time!

    Looking forward to the next chapter and missing you do very much Hun xxx


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