Los Angeles

Day 4

So LA has a very different vibe to San Francisco- a lot different than I was expecting. There is a real mix of things to do here- both touristy and relaxed.

Naturally I started off with the tourist attractions- the Skyslide and walk of fame were first on my list for the day.

The Skyslide was really cool and I was very lucky with the weather. The rooftop terrace was a lovely spot to relax with a drink while you overlook the city.

It goes without saying that I wasn’t going to pay $20 for a photo of myself (that they’ve already printed but will throw away if you don’t buy… WASTE) so I took a picture on the sly. Not sure why I look like I’m made out of wax, but we carry on.

The walk of fame was a bit of a mixed bag. It was very run down but it was nice when you came across the star of someone you liked (Shrek has a star?).

I was also lucky enough to witness the Avenger’s Assembling in real life!! If this isn’t the biggest spoiler that they come back to life and defeat Thanos, I don’t know what is.

Day 5

Beverly Hills is definitely the place I wanna be. It really is gorgeous there but of course, (unless you’re a millionaire), EVERYTHING is out of your price range. I couldn’t even browse and entertain the idea that maybe I could buy something if I survived off dust for the next 4 weeks, because the attendants were very judgy. I don’t think my Forever 21 carrier bag did me any favours though, to be honest.

Next was the Santa Monica pier. It really had a nice atmosphere and there were some very “interesting” performances there- the dancing Albatross man was a personal favourite. If you know, you know.

Day 6

Universal Studios.

Never been so disappointed to have left my wand at home (it’s Hermione’s and yes, I still carry the regret of not buying the Elder Wand instead. However, the wand chooses the wizard, Mr Potter).

Day 7

Officially one week in! This morning I went to the Griffith Observatory, which was lovely (unfortunately Ryan Gosling was not present and I’m still not Emma Stone). The view of the city was great from up there and seeing the Hollywood sign was pretty cool, too.

In the afternoon I went down to Venice Beach and watched the skateboarders at the skate park. I could honestly have watched them all day, it was fascinating. If you’re ever in LA I would recommend this so much, it’s probably my favourite thing that I’ve done here.

Whilst I’ve enjoyed myself so far, the thing that people don’t really mention is that travelling on your own can be pretty lonely at times. I’m quite a shy person and I find it really difficult to talk to people, but today I actually made a friend(!!) at the skate park. He was literally the best skateboarder I’ve ever seen, which automatically made him incredibly cool. Shoutout to Jamison, thank you for your company (and the beer).

Day 8

Today was my last day in LA, so I just spent the day walking around the city and reflecting on my time here.

To be honest, LA isn’t really my kind of place. I found it to be very hyped up when, realistically, the only places I was impressed by were Beverly Hills, Venice Beach and Santa Monica. I just thought it was just like any other city (but with about 93% more chance of being stabbed or shot post 6pm). The sunsets were nice though, so I guess there’s worse skies to bleed out under. Every cloud…

4 thoughts on “Los Angeles

  1. Hi Paige sitting having my breakfast reading your blog – lovely start to the day. The photos are fab and your blog is interesting and informative 😊 Next job travel writer? Take care missing you x


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