San Francisco

Day 1

Officially arrived in San Francisco, home of Princess Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldi. (Will not be renting a ‘Stang however I would kill for a scooter).

It is so beautiful here!

In the morning, I walked to the Golden Gate Bridge along the beach and visited the Palace of Fine Arts on the way. The architecture was unreal and you completely forgot you were in the middle of a busy city.

After that I visited the house from Mrs. Doubtfire. I don’t think the owners appreciated me standing outside for about half an hour taking photos, cracking myself up with quotes and crying about Robin Williams, but I loved it there.

The pain of travelling alone and having no one to appreciate obscure movie quotes is REAL. *Sean Connery impression is a work in progress.*

Was also slightly surprised to see someone had the Chamber of Secrets as their front door. (Would not recommend for security unless you are confident no one in the vicinity speaks Parseltongue). Luckily for the owners, I had places to be and my bag wasn’t big enough to warrant unlocking.

I also visited the Grace Cathedral, which was stunning. The stained glass windows were beautiful and completely distracted from the fact I thought I was going to burst in to flames the entire time. Let truth be your light, folks.

Day 2

First, I went to the California Academy of Science. My Uber driver, Daryl (5/5 stars- would Uber again) was kind enough to get me in as a guest on his member pass, saving me nearly $40. Shoutout to Daryl x

Now I love a good museum, but if you’re going without kids you can easily finish the whole thing in an hour. Daryl was right- this museum is very children based and wasn’t quite what I was expecting.

That being said, I did enjoy the dinosaur fossils (obv).

After the museum, I went to the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park. It was very pretty and tranquil (until I had a meltdown when a Butterfly came near me- a day in the life of living with crippling Lepidopterophobia).

In the afternoon, I went across to Alcatraz for the prison tour. I would definitely recommend this and the guided audio tour- it was really interesting to see the prison and hear the stories of the officers and prisoners and learn about the escape attempts. I spent about 2.5 hours there but you’re able to stay as long as you’d like.

Apparently back in the day the prisoners could smell the chocolate from the Ghirardelli factory across the bay. Completely empathise with Morris and Anglin(s) digging their way out with a spoon after hearing that.

Day 3

Today was my last day in San Francisco before flying out to LA in the afternoon. Decided to check out MOMA (the Museum of Modern Art) for the morning and I’m really glad I went.

Here is a photo of me and a security guard, reflected in coloured glass. We aren’t sure what the message is yet.

Majority of the pieces were great, but I’m not quite sure when a wooden ice cream wafer (throwback x) and someone testing the ink in their pen became “art”.

In the afternoon I caught one of the old fashioned cable cars around town.

I wanted to hang off the end like they do in the movies but I wasn’t allowed 😦 so this will have to do- just me and Chris on our way to the pier x

All in all, I loved San Francisco. I think it’s a beautiful city and everyone was really friendly and helpful.

I would definitely recommend the Palace of Fine Arts and going down to Golden Gate Park. My favourite thing, though, was definitely seeing Mrs Doubtfire’s house. It’s one of my favourite films so it meant a lot to me to visit there and pay my respects to Robin Williams 💞

Unfortunately the air pollution from the California fires meant I couldn’t really get the best view from the Golden Gate Bridge, but I would also recommend doing this when the visibility is clearer.

Sad to be leaving but excited to see what LA has to offer!

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